Tequity and JCE Group acquired Cybercom Group in a buy-out from the stock exchange in 2015. Cybercom has evolved to one of the best positioned Swedish IT-companies with 1300 employees in Digitalization, IoT, Secure and Cloud Services. In 2018, Cybercom reported strong organic growth of 15% to 1,68 billion SEK in revenues and operating profit improved to 162 million SEK.
The deal means that Formica Capital is new majority owner with 51% of the shares. JCE Group and Tequity reduce their holdings after the buy-out, but remain as active long-term owners with 41% respectively 6% of the shares in Cybercom Group. Formica Capital is committed to execute Cybercoms new strategic plan with a growth of at least 30% the next three years. To further support the growth plan and enable add-on acquisitions, Cybercom now has three strong owners in Formica Capital, JCE Group and Tequity along with committed management and key persons. 

For more information, see press release from Cybercom Group or:
Nicolas Hassbjer, Chairman of Tequity, +46 709 17 29 02
Niklas Flyborg, CEO Cybercom Group, +46 705 94 96 78

Cybercom Group - What we do

Cybercom Group - What we do

Cybercom key events in 2018

  • Cybercom published its 8:th sustainability report.
  • Cybercom announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services in Nordics
  • Cybercom divested its own data centres in Finland
  • Cybercom expanded number of agile teams for 5G development at Ericsson
  • Cybercoms OsCar autonomous car software successfully developed, with interest from leading automotive manufacturers in Europe
  • Cybercom received Volvo Car Groups Quality Excellence Award
  • Cybercom was a founding partner of Women in Tech
  • Cybercom was a founding partner of Hello World, providing software programming education to kids
  • Cybercoms e-signature service grew in public sector
  • Cybercom invited all co-workers to share their expertise at its own innovation expo in a large summit to celebrate the companys success

About Tequity 

Tequity is a private technology investor in Internet of Things and energy efficiency. Tequity makes selected long-term investments in established companies with a strong international growth potential and possible public listing. Tequity is owned by the entrepreneur Tekn. Dr Nicolas Hassbjer, founder of HMS Networks AB (publ). www.tequity.se


About Formica Capital

Formica Capital is a Swedish investment company with a long-term ownership strategy, owned by the Olsson Eriksson family. Formica Capital creates value growth by being an active owner in profitable and long-term sustainable companies that have a positive impact on society as a whole. www.formicacapital.se


About JCE Group

JCE Group is a privately owned, diversified investment company based in Gothenburg. JCE has a strong history of creating successful companies since it started in 1971 and today, through its holdings, has over 4,000 employees around the world. JCE invests in both listed and unlisted companies and has a broad investment portfolio with companies including IT services, software and manufacturing. www.jcegroup.se