Tequity sells part of Cybercom Group

on February 25, 2019

Tequity and JCE Group acquired Cybercom Group in a buy-out from the stock exchange in 2015 and Cybercom has evolved to one of the best positioned Swedish IT-companies. In 2018, Cybercom reported organic growth of 15% to 1,68 billion SEK in revenues and operating profit improved to 162 million SEK. The deal means that Formica Capital is new majority owner with 51% of the shares. JCE Group and Tequity remain as long-term active owners with 41% respectively 6% of the shares in Cybercom Group.

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on September 22, 2017

A discussion on life after a worldwide megahit and similarities between a successful entrepreneur and music artist. Nicolas Hassbjer and Stefan Andersson, artist with the megahit "Catch the moon" on a talkshow led by Hanna Dahlberg Leuhusen.

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Keynote speech at Ignite Sweden IoT Conference

on February 16, 2017

Nicolas Hassbjer presenting on Internet of Things, Entrepreneurship and the importance of early co-operation of Start-Ups and established companies.

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Swedish Mobile Awards - IoT Company of the Year

on March 16, 2017

Nicolas Hassbjer handing out the prize to IoT company of the year in Sweden

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Nicolas Hassbjer 50 years

on June 15, 2017

Med anledning av att Handelskammarens ordförande Nicolas Hassbjer fyller 50 år har vi glädjen att bjuda in till mottagning fredagen den 16 juni kl 14.00–16.00. Mottagningen äger rum i Handelskammarens lokaler, 2:a våningen i Malmö Börshus. Varmt välkommen!

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JCE and Tequity announce bid on Cybercom Group AB (publ)

on November 02, 2015

Viltor AB, a company owned by JCE Group AB and Tequity AB, hereby announces a recommended cash offer to the shareholders of Cybercom Group AB (publ).

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Tequity accepts bid on Axis

on April 15, 2015

Tequity, a long term investor in Axis and 25:th largest shareholder, was early to accept Canon bid on Axis in Lund and now sells the complete holding. Canon is buying one of Sweden’s best high tech companies. The combination is a unusual good fit and deal for both buyer and sellers, also from a non-financial […]

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Santa’s hometown installs eGain forecasting™

on December 20, 2013

eGain Finland Oy has signed contracts to install eGain forecasting™ in the buildings of Kunta-asunnot Oy – concern in Rovaniemi. These contracts are totaling for 31,777 m2 in Rovaniemi – Santa’s hometown. The decision was based on thorough testing and evaluation over the past year that has demonstrated savings of 18 kWh/m2.

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Second stage in a capitalization of Magcomp completed

on October 16, 2013

Second stage in a capitalization of Magcomp is completed. Tequity participates with a major investment and increases its shareholding.

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Tequity sells its Nokia position and invests in Microsoft

on September 30, 2013

Tequity sells its Nokia position and invests in Microsoft.

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