Tequity is a private technology investment firm, committed to take technology companies to the next level of growth. Tequity has investments with an active role to contribute to the development of the company as well as more traditional investment management.

Investment Strategy:

  • Equity investments in selected technology companies
    Combined with an active role to participate in the development of the company as a non-executive board member or advisor to management, founders or owners.
  • Strategic Long term portfolio of investments
    Long term equity investments in listed or non-listed companies with a strong management and board in place.
  • Traditional Investment Management

Investment criteria of non-listed companies:

Selective investments in well managed companies with a proven business model and a clear ambition to grow internationally. This normally means that the company has revenues of >3 million € and has proven success on first export markets.

Example of situations where Tequity can be an active partner:

  • Next stage of international growth in a technology company: Strategy advisor, Independent external board member, co-investment with venture capital companies.
  • Public listing or preparing for a possible future IPO: Board role, advisor in preparation and execution of IPO process.
  • Private Equity investment in a technology company. Industrial advisor, could be combined with a role as advisor to founders/entrepreneur, equity incentive or co-investor in leveraged buy-out.
Nicolas Hassbjer