Tequity sells part of Cybercom Group

Tequity and JCE Group acquired Cybercom Group in a buy-out from the stock exchange in 2015 and Cybercom has evolved to one of the best positioned Swedish IT-companies. In 2018, Cybercom reported organic growth of 15% to 1,68 billion SEK in revenues and operating profit improved to 162 million SEK. The deal means that Formica Capital is new majority owner with 51% of the shares. JCE Group and Tequity remain as long-term active owners with 41% respectively 6% of the shares in Cybercom Group.

Tequity AB is a private technology investment firm, committed to take technology companies to the next level of growth. Tequity combines competence in creating and managing growth with an equity incentive, to build a portfolio of long term investments in selected technology companies. We are particularly interested in connectivity and energy efficiency.

Swedish: Tequity AB arbetar med att utveckla tillväxtföretag. Vi kombinerar entreprenöriell erfarenhet av internationell tillväxt med ett långsiktigt ägarintresse i utvalda teknologibolag. Vi är särskilt intresserade av tekonologibolag inom connectivity och energieffektivitet.

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